The darkness inside

A darkness evolved, all at once in my brain

Driving me more than a little insane

Asking for mercy, my give a fuck drained

Consumed by the thought only murder kills pain

Do I dare follow this path in my mind?

Just think without feeling emotions in bind

Sheepishly walking and following blind

Urging to rape kill and torture mankind

The process was quick started slicing and dicing

Mutilated corpses, pus on their faces like icing

Body parts make pork chops, the blood makes a stew

Human meat the rare delicacy, eyes? Chewed a few

There’s no taste in this world Like a barbecued thigh

No aroma so pungent, as a flame on an eye

Will my taste for human meat ever be regrettable?

Nah… if we weren’t meant


 to be eaten WE WOULDN’T BE EDIBLE!

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