In a strangers eyes first stalk

He was standing directly outside of her bedroom window, staring at her through the curtains. He watched her go about her business with no kind of regard for her personal privacy, loving every second of it. Everything she thought she was doing alone, she had been doing for his entertainment as well. She had no idea that there was anybody outside watching her as she got ready for bed.

Her curtains were closed but they were a god awful green design, straight out of the 70’s. The white backing had been stained yellow, from decades of cigarette smoke having been trapped in the house without enough air exchange. They were also so old that they wouldn’t stay closed, unless you fumbled with them forever, or pinned them together. They would crinkle a bit and leave gaps that could easily be seen through, if someone were to be looking in.

She had on a pair of white panties and he could see her dark bush showing through. She obviously didn’t shave. That was a rare thing nowadays; it intrigued him that she didn’t shave like most girls did. It was probably her husband’s fault honestly. Why should she care about keeping up with it all, when he so obviously didn’t care anyways? It was like that saying, you’re never old until you start seeing yourself that way. If she wasn’t careful she might start getting crow eyes too and drooping in places she didn’t expect.

When she would walk towards the window he was watching her through, he tried to keep a close eye on her face, in case she might look towards where he was. He didn’t want any light shining in his eyes, giving his position away. He rather liked having her not know that he was there. It made it all the more exciting for him to watch her when she was able to just be herself, without worrying about what she was doing in front of an audience.

She has no idea, but he began stalking her a while ago.

He had been watching her for a couple of weeks now. He would come by at night when it was dark in her yard and any passersby wouldn’t be able to see him standing outside of her window. He loved to watch her get ready for bed at night; she would take her shower, dry off, and rub her body down with lotions and other things to keep her skin soft. She didn’t seem to worry that anyone would look in her room and watch her because she always left her curtains slightly open and didn’t look towards the windows really at all. He liked to be there watching her do just about anything. He was trying to get to know her, find out what her patterns were. She was intriguing to him for his own reasons, but had no idea what she was in for. He was going to treat her like his own personal queen and there was nothing she could do about it.

She liked to be naked. In fact it was downright amazing how much she was always naked when he would come by. She had the body for it that much he couldn’t deny. One night when he was watching her sensually rubbing lotion on her body after her shower, she began to touch herself, feeling those old familiar feelings of desire and passion. She craved something exciting in her life to happen. She lay back on the bed and began rubbing the sensuous flesh beneath her panties, feeling herself getting wetter. She left the windows open on opposite sides of the house, since it was a warm night and there was a cool cross breeze flowing through. He could hear her moaning, he wanted a better view inside. The window he was under was directly above her bed. As he stepped closer to get a better look, a branch snapped under his foot.

It was audible enough for her to hear it. She sat up startled on her bed. He ducked down feeling like an idiot for letting her hear him. She didn’t think it was somebody outside, rather that it was an animal or something trying to get into her window. She got up fast to shut it before continuing on her masturbatory journey. She looked out the window just as he ducked, trying to avoid her eyes. So far she hadn’t seen him, but he wasn’t trying to push his luck. She shut the window after a satisfying look out there wondering where the animal had gone.

He thought she had gone away from the window and decided to peek his head up to see. She didn’t see him but he saw her still looking out, he ducked back down again. She thought it was strange that there was no animal but it was very dark in her yard, so it was possible she just couldn’t see one. She decided one more time to have a look outside. When she looked out this time, he looked up at the same moment because he hadn’t heard her window open, it was too quiet. She saw him this time and let out a sharp yelp, ducking back into her room. She looked out the window again; he was already running off into the darkness. She could only make out that it was a man’s build and he was wearing all black, so it didn’t help to see him very long in the darkness.

She went to the store the next day to do a bit of grocery shopping. She was in the fresh produce section grabbing various fruits, making sure to squeeze them so she could pick the juiciest and most ripe ones. He was watching her from about 40 feet back, careful not to be seen by her. He also had to be mindful of looking obvious to others that he was watching her. He would do little things, like grab random items off of the shelf and look at them if she stopped, pretending to make a decision that seemed a little too hard, before she began walking again. He would put whatever he was looking at in his cart, watching her with his peripheral vision. Usually it would be little snacks and a drink, or something to eat when he would watch her later. It was nice to be prepared, trying to rough it out just made things less fun in his world. He was even careful not to leave things like garbage or obvious signs of being there.

Her curls were done up nicely today, they were full of bounce and made her appear more youthful and energetic. She was wearing a miniskirt and a white blouse with a low-cut middle. It exposed enough cleavage to accentuate her gorgeous tits but not so much that you might think she was too old for her outfit. Her legs were tan and she seemed to glow. He could see a lot of guys in the store looking at her when she wasn’t paying attention. She walked with a self confidence that was attractive to a lot of people. To his surprise, there were even a lot of women looking at her adoringly as well as men. She walked slowly with a hypnotic sway of her nicely shaped hips, with every step she took. It was enough to drive some men mad. They would make faces as if it were killing them to not be able to have her. Rarely did anyone try and approach her either. If they only knew what kind of a freak she could be, they might change their approach with her.

He was more than happy for them to fail. They didn’t see her the way he did. He could see her desire for something to make her feel alive, just as he could see her good girl façade keep her from misbehaving. It was easy when the strange men asked her questions in such a shy manner. She could easily turn them down when they were so docile. She needed a man who made her want it, not told her how much he wanted her. He was going to be just that.

When she got home she began daydreaming about being thrown against the wall and forcibly kissed, as she was putting away the groceries. She wanted something to happen to un-bore her from this mundane existence her passionless marriage had thrust her in, for some cruel reason.  She felt the old familiar tingle in her lower lips again. She knew that if she reached down she would feel she was ready to go, she simply couldn’t help it. She couldn’t take pleasuring herself right now, opting instead to give in to her husband to get some meat. She told him to come and get it; he was up faster than a dog hearing the crinkling of a treat bag. It was sort of pathetic and made her feel a little sorry for him. Her sympathy was short lived though because this little conquest of his lasted so little time. She didn’t even get a chance to begin getting off before his dick already started shrinking down. She couldn’t hold it back, she yelled at him. She called him a selfish ass, before pushing him out of the bed onto the floor, getting up herself to go take a hot shower.

She started to notice a few of the better looking guys around her after that.  One day she went to the store to get some more stuff for the house. She didn’t look behind her at all, until she turned one corner and had to spin around for a double take. There was a chocolate fountain that was in a side rail so people could see it from all four sides. It made her mouth water. She saw a cute guy on the other side, staring at her. For a second she looked away, before slowly looking up at his face again. He was closer now, and hadn’t wavered his gaze one bit as he confidently walked towards her.  He was wearing a yellow hooded sweatshirt of some college she had never heard of, with some baggy, faded blue jeans and tan colored doc martins. He looked better to her the closer he got, his confidence shining like an inner light.

As he got closer to her he hadn’t looked away, it was beginning to make her feel a bit uncomfortable. As he walked by, he gave her a polite smile and a nod as if to simply say hello, as he continued on down the aisle. He had striking green eyes, accentuating his muscular face. He had a five o clock shadow and nice straight teeth as he smiled at her. He also looked pretty fit; he filled out his clothing well enough, and didn’t look like he had much body fat. She almost grinned when he passed and then had to forget about him as she continued her shopping when she didn’t see him again, to her dismay. She couldn’t stop herself from trying to spot him again while she shopped, if only to see the way he looked at her like her husband never did. It was almost magnetic; as if that could have been a chance meeting she had only heard about in stories. He definitely stuck out and had now become burned into her mind.

Later that night she decided to give her husband another try. She told him if he didn’t fuck her until she got off this time, she wasn’t going to put out until she felt that he had been properly punished. He knew that could be a long time and that she meant every syllable. It seemed to do the job and he actually put forth some extra effort, allowing her to get off more than a couple of times as she thought about her strange encounter earlier in the day. When her husband knew that she had gotten off a couple of times, he didn’t take but another 30 seconds before he blew his load. He didn’t say a word; he just kissed her with a tiny peck on the lips and went back out to watch the game that was paused on his digital recorder.

She didn’t really care, she’d gotten off a couple of times at least and that was all she had asked of him. They weren’t the best orgasms but she didn’t mind handling herself with a little bit of extra playtime. She started to rub herself again; she was still wet from her husband and from getting off herself. She started thinking about the strange guys eyes, staring into hers. She couldn’t get that look out of her mind. She couldn’t figure out if she was just crazy, or if she would ever even see him again. She hoped that if she did get to see him again it would be under different circumstances. A busy supermarket where she felt awkward meeting new people wasn’t exactly the ideal place to get to know someone. She started thinking of him while rubbing all of the right buttons; she could feel the moistness on her fingers.

It felt nice; she was nice, smooth and soft, which made it easier to get into the fantasy. She began daydreaming about being able to freeze time now. She wanted to freeze everyone besides just the two of them in the store. She wanted to let him bend her over her own grocery cart in front of all the frozen people. She wanted him to ravish her but would have to settle for a fantasy since she couldn’t do anything like that in reality. She didn’t know what she would think of herself anyways if she did do something like that. She heard some rustling outside again, only this time it was slower and heavier and she could hear it right away. This wasn’t a rabbit, it sounded like someone shifting their feet outside. She jumped up as fast as she could, stopping her masturbation in its tracks. She wasn’t quite sure how to feel about what she saw then.

He had been watching her not expecting her to hear that noise and wasn’t prepared for her to get up to check outside of the window. This time she was there before he could move to get out of the way. All he could do was run away as fast as he could. Before he got away, she could see from the light of the window shining on him as he ran, that he had on a yellow hoodie and baggy blue jeans!

She got instant goose bumps. She couldn’t believe she was laying there masturbating to him, and here he was at her house, actually watching her do it. How the hell had he even found out where she lived? Suddenly she was more creeped out than her own husband made her. A nice fantasy had just gotten real pretty fucking fast. If she saw him again she was going to give him a piece of her mind. She thought about calling the cops but he had already run away. She didn’t want to deal with the police anyways, or the drama of her drunken husband pretending that he actually cared. He was a pussy most of the time; though he was pretty good with a gun if he needed to be. She just hoped that this guy wasn’t another Ted Bundy type, soft on the outside, cold and empty on the inside. She couldn’t stop the thought though, of how nice his ass looked in those jeans as he was running away.


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