In a strangers eyes first meeting

She went out the next day to get the mail and ran into the window peeper himself.  At first she was disgusted that he was there at her post office too, but when she looked at him and he noticed her, he had a infectious smile that she couldn’t resist and it melted her anger away. She had forgotten how good looking he was. She was suddenly embarrassed that she even wanted to confront him and afraid of making an ass out of herself. What if it wasn’t even him but someone else with similar clothing? It was after all dark outside when she looked the other day. She could have been mistaken. On the other hand if it wasn’t him then who was it? That was a scarier question to her, so instead of worrying unnecessarily she decided that she would rather face the answer from this guy.

“Why were you at my house last night?” she asked him. He looked at her like she was a little bit crazy now, making her feel worse.

“Excuse me?” he asked her. She almost could have sworn she could see a question mark above his head. “How would I even know where you live?” She found herself unable to answer him. Instead, she found herself staring at his lips, which were actually very nice to look at with his perfect teeth lined up behind them. “You like me don’t you?” He asked her with a half-cocked smile.

She suddenly lost her nerve and became embarrassed, walking away from him and growing redder by the step. She could feel her face flushing and hear him amusedly laughing behind her. She felt something different with him, that she was sure of now. There was something there she didn’t feel with her husband. Maybe it was that he was naturally forceful and knew what he wanted; she couldn’t quite figure it out. She knew there was definitely something there that wasn’t normal in her experience. She wasn’t sure she could control herself or her emotions enough to seriously try and question him. She was so embarrassed with herself for fumbling like that in front of him that she didn’t even get her mail. She hurried to her car and left before he would be able to follow her, or so she thought.

When he realized she was actually leaving, he started casually walking towards his car. He knew where she lived already but he liked to keep an eye on her anyways. It had sort of become his new hobby. It made him happy when he knew what she was doing and where she was. He liked the feeling of power he had over her. He could sweep her off of her feet without even trying. She was quickly becoming his new addiction and he was glad to have her. He stood outside smiling at her as she drove away and even gave her a light wave. He walks to his car and left right away, following her again from a safe distance.

It started out innocently enough; he would casually bump into her on her ride to work. She would be stopped at a stoplight and he would pull up next to her feigning surprise. Or he would suddenly come into a random gas station that she had just stopped at to buy smokes for her husband. He was always friendly to her and had a genuine looking smile that would have fooled anyone who gazed upon his “show face.” Then it started happening more frequently, she would see his car in her rearview mirror, trying to keep its distance until she might be stopped. He would casually pull up next to her, offering up that same warm smile that was now starting to show a smidge of frustration and a hint of desperation. His solid smile began cracking in places, giving off the notion that it wasn’t just an innocent smile any longer, rather a testament to a swift and violent reaction if his façade was blown.

She saw him so much that it was beginning to scare her now. She would go to a different town, far from anywhere he might be and he would suddenly pop out of nowhere with a flower pretending it was just fate that had crossed their paths together once again. She knew that it wasn’t just innocent and one day she finally got up the nerve to confront him on it. His reaction was as she expected, anger and indignance at the audacity she had to accuse him of something crazy like stalking her. She felt like she should have just kept her mouth shut. He calmed quickly but she saw that spark that she knew could ignite into a dangerous blazing pyre if she wasn’t careful.

Even with the creepy new stalking angle to her situation, she was still unable to stop having fantasies about him. She had just finished having a nice hard orgasm one day when she heard a knock at the door. She composed herself since she wasn’t expecting company, and went to answer the door, hoping that it wasn’t a Jehovah’s Witness, or someone else trying to sell her immortality everlasting. When she opened the door, she stopped breathing altogether, it was him. He was standing at her door and she didn’t have any words for him. He might have looked funny standing there smiling at her too but it didn’t seem like he cared. He didn’t say a word to her, he simply walked inside, confident that she would have invited him in with no problem.

She says, “Excuse me, can I help you? I thought you didn’t know where I lived.” He stayed silent, walking around looking at pictures, checking out the place from the inside for the first time.

He didn’t say much until, “We didn’t get a chance to finish our conversation the other day.” He already knew how freaky she was, as well as how desperate for a good lay. He could see it when her curtain was open and hear her when she got to talking dirty because she would get louder the more excited she got. He moved closer after he says, “I hope you don’t mind me stopping by like this, but something about you intrigues me, so I wanted to learn more about you.”

“Well, here’s the number one thing that you need to know about me.” she held up her left hand, showing him the diamond her husband had gotten for her, before she said. “I’m married.”

“That’s okay” he says, reaching for her hand making her suddenly lose her courage again. She tried pulling away from him but he yanked her closer, “I can tell you need a real man and I have just that for you. I don’t think your husband gives you what you need, but I can guarantee you that I can.” She felt a wave of excitement stirring up in her but she realized that this was real; this wasn’t a fantasy that she could just end at any time. That part frightened her a bit. He leaned in for a light kiss and she pulled back, saying, “Look, you need to leave, right now!” He comes towards her again and this time she slapped his face. He just smiled and held her hands in front of her, making it hard for her to move much at all. She tried coming in for his groin with her knee, but he knocked it aside with his own, using the momentum to swing her around. This way, she would be facing the same way he was and he could pull her closer with worrying about her hitting him.

She tells him that she doesn’t want to do anything with him, but he is relentless and starts rubbing her body and breathing in her ear. He could hear her breathing getting heavier; he knew she was stuck between ecstasy and fear right now. She told him as seriously as she could manage that her husband would be home soon. She knew that she sounded like she was lying; there was a hint of panic in her voice. She couldn’t get much more than that out, before he laughed and started sucking on her neck. At least he was nice enough not to leave marks on her. When she felt the soft warm sucking on her neck, she softened her body which had become almost stiff like it was in rigor mortis.

She was finding it hard to want to fight him off as he was being surprisingly soft and rough with her, somehow at the same time. He still wasn’t letting her move her arms no matter how much she fought. It was nice for her, being controlled like this. She hadn’t known that was something that she would like, but it was turning out to be just that. When he could feel she was melting into this, like he had suspected she would, he began sliding his hand inside her waistband so that he could rub her with his fingers, still kissing her neck. She almost decided right then and there to let his finger slide in but then realized what was happening.

He was focused on trying to finger her and with a sharp pull; she gets her arms loose, slapping at him again, making him stumble backwards as she screamed at him to get out again. She had to use all of her energy to get him to leave but he didn’t put up a fight this time. This was obviously some kind of game to him, but he relented and left her place, walking out the front door calmly as if he were invited there in the first place. She could feel herself shivering uncontrollably when he finally left. She wasn’t sure if it was because she was so afraid, or if she was just more excited than she had ever been before.


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