The blood makes it real Nightmare

I found myself standing in the middle of a very dark and creepy forest. There was complete darkness in the trees that surrounded me on all sides.

There was nearly zero visibility and I couldn’t see more than the shadows of the trees no matter how badly I wanted to. I wasn’t quite sure what was going on.

I knew it was supposed to be cold but I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all, just creeped out by the impossible blackness of this place. Something about it just seemed… empty.

At the same time it was like there was a strong presence all around me. A long dark path was ahead of me that I could faintly make out after I had that thought. A bright light that hadn’t been there a moment ago appeared in the distance. The light looked to be moving away slowly.

I wasn’t sure exactly where I was, which didn’t really bother me but I didn’t want to get stuck again in the dark, so I hurried towards it. I noticed a foul smell all around me. It was akin to rotting food that had been left in a warm refrigerator. It was like something that had spoiled well beyond its expiration date.

The light was fading fast but I kept heading towards it as quickly as I could manage.  The smell was getting stronger now and gaining a copper-like edge to it. The smell was similar to your hands after handling hundreds of old pennies. It also had a hint of old wet metal to it somehow.

I looked up to my right as I felt something brush my shoulder but I couldn’t make out what it was even though there was a faraway light softly illuminating the path. I found out that it was warm and wet though when I reached my hand up to make sure it wasn’t just a tree branch poking me.

I wanted to see what the hell could be warm, slimy and wet in a tree although the combination sounded like something I probably didn’t want the answer to. It was incredibly dark out and it had rained which had made the ground soggy because my shoes were sucking into the ground as they might in a muddy yard.  I wished that I could see.

All of a sudden a light illuminated the area as if a bright spotlight were shined down on me. It seemed to be pointing everywhere I wanted to see now, which I found odd.

Infact, it was only shining in the places I wanted to look. I couldn’t see everything but it showed me like a flashlight what was there behind the darkness. Continue reading “The blood makes it real Nightmare”

The blood makes it real First Chapter

I squeezed his neck a little bit harder now, turning the whites of his eyes bloodshot as they ran into the back of his head. A yellow hue was slowly edging in from the outsides of his eyeballs towards the brown surrounding his wide dark pupils. I could feel his muscles involuntarily spasm as his body seized and shook while he slowly ran out of oxygen. The sad truth for him now though, was there was no amount of twitching… that would allow his lungs to ever again take in so much as one more breath.

His body convulsed for a full minute, the shades of his face changing in odd patterns looking a bit like a slow moving kaleidoscope. I looked down at him, taking in what was in front of me. His once dark and healthy looking skin had taken on a much paler hue which was now bordering the color purple, almost black in the dim light of this desolate hotel room.

I had picked this place because it was in the middle of nowhere. You could go out to the road and look in any direction and wouldn’t see another sort of establishment for miles. It really wasn’t much to look at, just a cheap $35 a night hellhole for traveling tourists and people who probably wouldn’t stop unless they were desperate. The carpeting was straight out of the 70’s. It was a hideous shade of red that had probably covered up its fair share of messy nights long before I came along. The table that held the television was topped with the same material they try to pass off in cheap trailer homes as fire retardant countertop. Rather than painting the walls white, they opted to put up wallpaper that seemed straight out of a Tim Burton movie. It probably started out white, but no doubt the amount of cigarettes over the years that had been smoked in the room had changed it into more of a mustard brown. Even that though hadn’t held up well over the years and was peeling back randomly throughout the room. Continue reading “The blood makes it real First Chapter”