Life after dead The tunnel

I turned around and saw a light brighter than anything I had ever seen before filling up a long tunnel that seemed like it went on for miles. There were multi colored swirls of energetic light that I had never seen the likes of on earth. Not even an Aurora Borealis would come close to this beautiful show of lights that was completely mesmerizing us. It seemed that there was every spectrum of color known on Earth and even a few that I had never seen before all in a swirling conglomeration of hypnotic artistry. My newly dead friend looked back at me as if I knew what the hell this was. I shook my head as if to say “No I’ve never seen it before.”

We both stared at it for a moment and realized that we were floating towards it simultaneously. It was a weird feeling but then I felt this enormous presence, I don’t know that I would call it God, but it was definitely a powerful feeling. There was nothing that this feeling hadn’t seen, or wouldn’t understand. I hadn’t felt so content with anything in my entire life. It was that feeling you might have had with your parents as a small child that nothing could hurt you. It felt like there was nothing that could affect you when they were around. This feeling was 1000 times more secure than that. I felt that Superman himself couldn’t fuck with me here; this was the ultimate feeling of security.

It was also the first time I had felt anything physical since I had died besides gut wrenching emotion. I could feel warmth and a tingling, as if someone were rubbing my skin very lightly only touching the hairs and it gave me the feeling of goosebumps everywhere. It seemed also that with every burst of light hitting either of our bodies we began to feel a bit more whole. Like when you’re exhausted and jump into a nice hot bath to soak for a while. Only in this particular situation there is no hard tub bottom to have to adjust to, it was perfectly comfortable floating as if on a cloud of soft air down this extremely long tunnel. I lay on my back just relaxing and staring up at the top of the tunnel. It seemed that every time I looked at a particular color it would change into another color, each time seeming to change just to avoid me concentrating on it, either that or just distracting me from thinking about anything.

It was like our bodies were made of clouds and we were being carried by a light breeze across the sky soaking in the sunlight. Only this sun was the perfect temperature and felt magical when it beamed down on me, revitalizing my soul.

After a while of floating and soaking up the intense energies this light in the tunnel had to offer, I began to wonder what the hell was going on. All the stories about death I had ever heard were about family and loved ones meeting people they knew in life who would show up and take them to the other side. In this instance I hadn’t had anything near that happen. I wanted to know what was at the end of the tunnel, or if it even had an end. I looked back at the drowned guy who was lying eyes closed, obviously not bothered at all by this weirdness happening to us at the moment. I decided to reach my arms forward willing my body to stretch and fly faster towards the end, as I had learned that I could do searching for my killer on the boardwalk.

I felt a pressure that pushed back on me as if to say don’t fly forward but I wasn’t having it. I screamed “Let me go!”

The invisible hands seemed to disappear and allowed me to fly forward. I flew for a good minute and could see no end in sight. I decided to pick up my speed, speeding up to something close to around 60 mph or so. In another minute I saw what could only have been other people floating in the tunnel ahead of us. There were more people ahead of them in a lazy pool of light and warmth and once again I reached to go faster still and speed past them, they looked confused when I flew by. They just didn’t know how to fly was my guess. I stretched a little more until I couldn’t see faces anymore and they were just a blur as I sped by.

Finally after a good twenty minutes of stretching my arms and willing myself forward I could see an exit similar to a highway on earth. It was split off to the right and I could see some souls floating off that way while others looking confused kept on going down to the left. I decided to stay with the left crowd.

I began to slow down to a light hover just going with the normal current of the tunnel. The light began to dim and quit being so blindingly bright instead becoming more like fluorescents. Everything looked as if it had a blue tint to it. The colors were incredibly beautiful in this place; bright shimmering tones were everywhere only adding to the mystique and wonder that was surrounding me. Everything looked immaculate unlike on Earth where everything had a worn look due to conditions like weather and aging. Here it was as if everything had just been built yesterday. I suppose that with there being nothing physical like dirt or fingerprints here it wasn’t very hard to keep things fresh and new looking. I had the feeling that I wouldn’t have to worry about anything too unexpected happening here.

The feeling of comfort and security from the tunnel was everywhere now. It had to be 10 times stronger in this place and there was a general feeling all-around of happiness exuding from all who I saw here. Everyone here looked like they had a job to do as well and they were more than happy to do it. Nothing seemed forced on anyone here in the slightest manner. All the beings here kept a humanoid form but there were other things floating above me that looked much like orbs and seemed to be just checking things out from a different perspective. There were also other creatures that you would only see in your dreams. I saw large headed people with heads at least 10 times the size of a human head. There were extremely thin and tall beings of at least 12 to 15 feet in height. Some areas there were aliens and characters from all different worlds. It seemed that anything imaginable could be found in this place. Nobody seemed to take on an animalistic form from what I could see although I had seen something that looked like cats or something, vaporizing in and out of form around certain individual’s feet. I got the feeling that it was the person’s pets in life that had waited for them into death.

There were spots on all sides that broke away and led back into the tunnel system. It seemed to be a supernatural subway or something. There were people floating in line waiting to get sucked into the entrance of the light highway, apparently going to another section of this after life labyrinth. I was in a spot where the people who were freshly dead usually got off. If they happened to miss the turn to this spot they could keep on the river and eventually it would lead back to here. All the tunnels if you rode them long enough would eventually lead back here.

I looked over to my left and I saw a few faces I recognized waiting for someone to get off of the exit after the one I had gotten off. When I floated near them I recognized the face of my long dead cousin Vincent but not until he closed his eyes and morphed into the younger version of himself. For some reason he had taken the form of an older man around his 30’s. They hadn’t noticed me and didn’t see me float up behind them. “BOO!” I yelled making my cousin jump, obviously startled. He didn’t recognize me at first, taking a sec before his brow relaxed and he figured out who had scared him.

“Hey cousin.” he said as he approached me for a hug though he was in his child form so he only reached my stomach.

“Hey yourself.” I said back as I awkwardly hugged him from a sideways angle. He had a couple of people with him and I recognized one was my grandmother who died when I was young. I remembered her still and I hugged her, waiting nervously for introductions for the other woman who was with her.

“This is your mother.” Came the sentence I knew was coming but wasn’t one hundred percent sure about. I hadn’t known her since she had died when I was a baby. My father couldn’t handle it and left to live a separate life from us, so I wasn’t surprised that he wasn’t here. I could tell that my mother was feeling weird just like I was and it actually made me feel better that even in death some traits were similar between us. I could tell she was relieved that I felt at ease after all this time and that seemed to help. We had some catching up to do but I doubt that I was much fun for them, it was hard keeping my mind off of being killed like that, I just couldn’t let it go.

My newly reacquainted family was adamantly trying to help me accept the fact that I was now dead. They had all been here a while now and death to them was merely another day. My mother told me that even though right now I felt wronged; this was in fact the way things were supposed to be. I couldn’t accept that I had been murdered so brutally and my killer was never going to come to some sort of justice. How many others had he killed? He definitely didn’t have to struggle much with me, I became little more than a ragdoll in his monstrous hands.

I knew the statistics. Hundreds, if not thousands of people around the world are murdered every day. It wasn’t just that I had been murdered that bothered me so much as it was this feeling I had. It did everything but scream at me that this was all wrong, and I wasn’t going to be able to let go until I found out for sure that this was all a part of my life’s plan.

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