Life after dead the ghost

So far I had found only one limit as to who I could and could not see or check up on and that was my murderer. I had to maintain a feeling of familiarity as I thought about their personalities and presence. When I would visit people I couldn’t touch them or affect anything but I could watch them without limits as if I were the ultimate stalker. It was more like I was trying to stalk a stripper at the strip club though since I could only look but not touch.

I had gotten over the initial fear of walking through things like walls and doors. It seemed that there was a new set of fears that I was going to develop now like was I going to be alone for the rest of eternity? I hadn’t seen anyone I knew who was already dead, or anyone else dead for that matter. I hadn’t seen a light at the end of any tunnel either. I was beginning to feel like I was going to be trapped waiting for this guy forever with no chance of ever leaving or finding him.

One night I was floating along the beach wishing I had someone to talk to feeling extra lonely. I noticed something from out of the corner of my eye from the water’s edge. I saw a weird guy crawling out of the water slowly like he had just reached shore after a boat wreck or something. I watched him crawl out of the water and expected him to be soaking wet but when I looked closer he was completely dry. I walked over to him feeling a hidden excitement trying to beat its way into some glimmer of hope in my chest.

“Help me.” He begged me as he crawled up to my legs and actually physically touched my feet.

I was in shock. This was the first person to speak to me since I was killed. I knew it could only mean one of two things, either he was a ghost himself, or he was some sort of psychic. I was more apt to believe the first choice since he was dry, crawling out of the water. There was one way to tell for sure, I reached down to see if I could touch him and I could! I was so happy I could hardly contain myself. I grabbed his hand and helped him to his feet. He looked tired as hell and I realized he must have died out there in the water. I felt a little guilty but I didn’t care that he was dead. I was just glad to finally have someone else that was in a similar situation as me. If ghosts could kill themselves I probably would have done so already as helpless and alone as I had been feeling. I was even beginning to feel like I might be the only ghost in existence. It was a very eerie feeling.

I helped him up to his shaky feet and I walked him over to sit down on a nearby spot on the sand. He coughed and water came out his mouth and nose to my surprise, some even going through my hand that was on his shoulder, I wasn’t aware that a ghost could touch the physical world let alone cough it up.

“Where am I?” He asked me in a rather broken and raspy voice. He must have gone unconscious at some point before he crawled out of the water because he looked like he had just woken up. He had heavy black bags under his eyes that I could see even under the dim conditions we were in. He was dressed like a fisherman with a white button up shirt that was cut off at the sleeves and some cut off camouflage shorts. He had a couple of fishhooks in his pant leg where he would hold them for quick access should he have needed a new one.

“I think your dead man, I’m sorry.” I replied.

He smiled up at me I could see he was trying to decide whether I was crazy or just kidding. “Okay.” he said with a roll of his eyes. “So I guess you’re another ghost that helped me out of the water?” He laughed.

“Feel your hair.” I told him matter of factly.

He reached up to feel his hair and his smile faded as he realized that it wasn’t wet at all. He looked down at his shorts as well and saw that there was no water on them either although he had gotten out of the water only a minute ago. The look on his face said that he was about to panic so before he flipped out I tried to calm him down.

“Hey hey, look at me your alive you’re just… not inside of your body anymore but I promise you’re okay.”

He looked down and realized I was right with a noticeably relieved expression on his face. “Yeah I guess you’re right. Well that answers that fear.” He looked up at me as he said, “My mom’s going to be…” I could see bright white lighting up his ghostly eyes as his eyes drifted to something behind me.

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