Life after dead first attempt

I was fully functioning mentally now and I realized that I had just literally lived through being murdered by my own mother. Well, she wasn’t really MY mother but I couldn’t help but think of her that way. I still had memories in my mind of the way he thought of her and how she seemed to be the lifesaver he had always needed. By killing him she had set him free, or in this case… set me free. She continued to stare at me; she was definitely confused about what was going on.

“Who are you?” she asked me. “Where is my son?”

“I’m sorry ma’am, you seem like a good woman and I’m sure your intentions were justified but that wasn’t your son you just killed, it was me. You see, I borrowed your son’s body when he left it and I didn’t really get to choose where I went because I didn’t confer with the Elders.”

She looked at me as if I was trying to explain the theory of relativity to her. “What the fuck are you talking about?” She narrowed her eyes and asked in a more hostile tone. “What have you done with my son… who are you?”

“Listen, your son…” I started to explain but just then she was distracted by a glowing light coming from her right side. I already knew what it was and also knew that she would be too distracted to finish this conversation with me right now. She began walking towards the light forgetting about me completely. “Never mind.” I said. “You’ll see for yourself soon enough.”

She didn’t even hear me. She was too busy looking at the bright pulsating warm blue light that suddenly appeared in front of her. It was pulsing slower and slower as it began to align itself with her souls vibrational frequency, which similar to fingerprints is different for everyone else. Finally it pulsed at a steady rhythm and I could see her energy was pulsating at the same speed just on a much smaller scale. The light had matched her frequency and she could now fully see the tunnel entry specific to her life waves and she was mesmerized.

I couldn’t see what she was seeing any more than a dull bluish-white glow right now but if I concentrated on changing up my own frequency a bit I could match my energy to hers and see her tunnel as if I had manifested my own out of thin air.

After all that was how this dimension worked. Whatever you wanted to see at any particular time was going to manifest out of nothingness. This was more complicated than that though, as we were on the Earth plane and this was her light. She was about to go to the plane beyond physical existence. The place everybody goes after they die. She was about to go into the afterlife. Everyone gets their own special tunnel attuned to their life waves, even animals. This one however wasn’t mine, I was going to have to in a sense, hitchhike.

The last time I had died and been here I had some time to wander the Earth, checking up on loved ones and even seeing how a few old friends I had lost contact with were doing. This time I hadn’t exactly died under normal circumstances. I had stolen a body without permission, who knew if they were coming to get me or if a tunnel was even coming for me?

I focused until I could see her tunnel becoming clear to me. The process was much the same as when you adjust a microscope until everything is as high definition as it can get. She was still standing there unsure about jumping into her light, or even how to jump in. I walked past her and showed her how it’s done; jumping into her tunnels light while she got up the nerve. I already knew that all of these death tunnels would lead back to the same plane eventually so I wasn’t worried about where I would end up.

It was a pretty sweet design how it all worked. When you die; your energy is stuck in a pattern from a lifetime of being inside of a human body. As a human we are at an extremely slow vibration. In fact that’s why we have solid matter, the energy is moving so slow that it can’t help but become a solid mass. When your soul finds the tunnel, the fog of your life lifts away and your energy vibration gets much higher. The dull glow you would initially see would soon become a beautiful mesmerizing tunnel. As you go through it on your way to the world of the undead your energy is being revitalized with energy from the spiritual plane to make your full self more complete. This process feels like a day at the spa, it’s like washing away the dirty humanity that you just shed like a skin of a reptile.

It also doubles as a super highway to the soul realm, a place where people go when they die. Many call it home since it’s the place where our actual lives go on between our temporary lives. It’s the place where our full consciousness comes into view and we can remember anything and everything we’ve been through in every life we have ever lived.

Lives are meant for one thing, to experience things so we can further understand them. People on Earth are deluded into believing that we only get one chance to live life and regardless of how it went, due consequence would be meted out for an eternity. Kind of seems like a raw deal for those less fortunate who were born into psychotic families or ways of thinking and never get a chance to lead a heavenly kind of life right? Bullshit. We have good lives and we have bad lives but they are all lived for a purpose. There are legitimate reasons for every life we have ever lived, maybe multiple reasons. The best way to learn something is by experience and what better way to experience everything than by living multiple lives. Those who had lived enough lives are amazing to talk to; they seem to know everything and what’s more is they actually understand everything. They are not judgmental; they are understanding and very good at leading someone in a direction to fix their problems. They are sort of like supernatural counselors who are never wrong or give ill advice.

I looked back at her and I could see that my jumping into her light and floating away like I was on a tube in a river eased her mind a little. She climbed in still unsure and quite wobbly, although a nice jump would have worked much better. As a spirit a jump could be infinite, there are literally no limits to what you can do. You simply have to believe its normal the same way you might in a dream. Don’t question whether it’s real or not or it becomes harder to do what you want since you see it as an obstacle. In this plane, nothing is impossible. She was freshly dead though and hadn’t learned any of those tricks yet. She wouldn’t remember any of her past lives if she’d had any until she had healed from this life. I knew it would be a while yet until we got back there so I figured I’d just lay back and relax for a while as I thought about my next move.

I suppose that I should explain how I got here. Tell you a little bit about the things that I’ve been through and why I have been stealing bodies with no regard as to what shape they would be in.

Fair enough. It all started back when I was alive…

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